1) Who was the first principal at Benson High School?
Howard Sorenson
Dr. William Buckley
John Speedie
Nancy Brees
2) Why was a 'bunny' chosen as the school mascot?
Omaha World Herald article
Principal Mary McNamara chose the 'bunny' in 1926
Bunnies were used a sshot-puts in track and field events
Bunnies made good role models for sex

3) What year did Benson High School open it's doors?
4) What was the principal's annual salary after their first year at Benson High?

5) How many students were in the first class at BHS?
6) What took place at 52nd and Maple street before it became Benson High School?
A killing ground for rabbits
Abandoned farmland
Fair grounds
Proposed location for new State Capital Building

7) Who was one of the Commencement speakers at our graduation ceremony?
Mary Cleveland
Stu Hallgren
Jim Douglas
Pastor James McDonald
8) Who was our class treasurer?
James Dudley
Dudley Duright
Shirley Douglas
James Douglas

9) How much money was left in our account after our senior year?
No accounting records found
10) Did you know that there is a Benson High School Hall of Fame?

11) Who choose the school colors?
A blind Irishman
The athletic director in 1927
The school principal in 1918
An Irish Rabbit