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Nina Wells (Edwards)
January 12, 1949 Widowed 2
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David Ehresman
Folding Carton Plant Married 3
Nine grandchildren. Love to play golf. Very interested in what's going on in the Middle East. Looking forward to the second coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
shirley Strohl (Erickson)
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Artist/ Educator Single Again 2
Life is good.  I start my day by playing pickelball or raquetball.  Run some erronds and work a few hours on most days.  Semi retired I guess, but I love what I do so I just can't quit.  I am a sculptor working in welded steel and glass. if your interested.

I have two incredable daughters that are world travelers and now live in NYC and Puerto Rico.  I have visited them in some great places, from So America, Europe, DC, NYC and Puerto Rico.  I love to travel and do it as often as I can. 
I teach sculpture, and beginning welding one night a week at Bellingham Technical College.  Lots of fun and creativity.

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Dave Filipi
January 08, 1949 Family Physician Married 2

July 15, 2012


Since our last reunion, I was recruited by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and am now their Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.  I guess they needed a frugal family physician to help navigate meaningful health care reform.  Despite my consistent record of losing student council races at Benson, I did win an election 3 years ago to become President of the Nebraska Medical Association.  I now chair the Douglas County Board of Health.


I continue to write opinion pieces for newspapers and medical journals. If you served on the “Benson High News” or “Cupola” staffs and wish to attend a poolside brunch from 9 am to 11 am Friday of the reunion weekend at our home, please send me an email at Bring your spouse or significant friend (but not both!).  If you weren’t a journalism jock, you’re also welcome if you can answer what “5 W’s and an H” means.


While not retired, we travel regularly to our timeshare in Cozumel and to the Czech Republic where my wife Jody, an ordained Presbyterian minister, works with their primary Protestant denomination.


Our daughter Krys gave us a grand-daughter, Magnolia Scout Marsh (flower power is alive) who is 2.  Son James recently married and is completing a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.


Please keep writing the enjoyable updates and see you in August.



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Kathy Butkiewicz (Foster)
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Bookkeeping Service Married 1
Enlisted in the Navy right after high school, though never did see the sea aboard ship.  Norfolk, VA Naval Air Station and the Atlantic Ocean were definitely a world away from Omaha, though!  Re-entered civilian life, starting college and earning a master's degree several years later.  Over the years worked in various capacities and locations with AT&T and CitiGroup.  Now downsized to a smaller town outside Houston, TX, providing clients with bookkeeping services.    Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Todd Furse
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September 14, 1949 Retired Married 1
I retired from the military in December 2004, since that time I have been a JROTC instructor at a local HS in Knoxville, TN (never again), Defense Contractor, Government Service employee.  I retired October, 2015, in Arlington, VA.  I am married with one child from a previous marriage and have 2 grand children.  Both of my parents died in 2010 so I rarely return to Nebraska with exception to participate in the bicycle ride across IA (RAGBRAI) and sometimes the Tour de Nebraska annually.  Since retired, I spend time, (Nov-Mar) in Panama City, Republic of Panama, where I am able to bike year-round.  My hobbies include bicycling, unicycling, and computers.  I have attended all the BHS reunions with fond memories of BHS and look forward to atending this upcoming 50th!   Send Todd a MessageSend Todd a Message
Robert Gardner
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None Single
Graduated from BHS. Dropped out of UNO 2-3 times. Got drafted. Two years in Texas. Back to Omaha. Played in R&R band several years. Got married. Went back to UNO, graduated. Worked in advertising ten years. Got bored, got out. Divorced. Free-lanced as writer/producer/photographer. Delivered pizza. Sold all my worldly possessions. Bought ratty RV and traveled USA with my dog for a couple years. Shacked up with local gal for awhile. Didn't work out. Dog ran away. Returned to freelance communication consultant/web designer/computer tutor mode. Spend most of my time hiding under my covers.

Special note: Why are all Senior Class officers MIA? We voted them the Best and the Brightest but now they're apparently all Meth addicts, felons or insurance salesmen who refuse to stand up and be counted.

Special note #2: And what of the cheerleaders? Guys like me drooled over them for four years - the collective beauty of BHS '67 - but only a few of them have raised their hands during this retrospective. In particular, Linda Lochner. I have had a crush on Linda since the first time I laid eyes on her, 43 years ago. I continue to have semi-erotic dreams about her from time to time. I would just like to know that she's happy, healthy, doing well and hasn't gained a pound or developed a wrinkle since the last time I saw her. 

Special note #3: The Ramon Dee Brown represented in these pages bears no resemblance to the quiet, mild-mannered young man I sort-of knew in high school. NASCAR, ATVs, the Dallas Cowboys, thick gray hair and beard, barrel chest, oxtails for dinner? What happened to the smooth operator who was always on the cutting edge of cool with the scaled back pompador?

Special note #4: To Paul Herrick: What the fuck is Water Engineering, Inc.? Bottled water? Sewage treatment? A combination of both?

Special note #5: Time for all 67s to crawl out of the woodwork and share your lives with your former classmates through a brief bio on these pages. Sure, not everybody cares, but a few do. Some will judge, but they always have - screw 'em. I'm interested in where you've been and what you've been up to - especially the convicted felons - even if I barely knew you.
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Gene Graves
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Land Developer and Home Builder Divorced 2
I have two children Dan and Alicia, 28 and 25 from my first marriage.  Been in Omaha all but 5 years.  Spent those five in Lincoln as the Home Builders Association lobbyist in the Legislature during the late 70s. 

In 1980 I went to work as Executive Director of the Metro Omaha Builders Association.  There, I guess I'm best known for creating the popular "Street of Dreams" in Omaha and producing the first 16 of those consumer shows.  I later went into real estate directly.

I've been very fortunate in the land development and home building business and have struck off into some other business areas, including a successful market research firm, and recently a half-interest in the new Prestige World Class Restaurant and Nightclub, where we will be having our Friday night reunion event. Thank you all for that.

Golf, sailing, and travel (especially to Mexico) are how I like to spend my leisure time.  I've sailed in three yacht races in Puerta Vallarta - now that is FUN.  

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Jeanette Schroeder (Grenz)
October 07, 1949 retired Married 2
 My husband and I live in Overland Park KS - I retired from AT&T in 1998 after 20 years as a computer programmer/systems analyst and my husband, Ken, retired in 2007 after 35 years as a United Methodist pastor.  Our two kids live in the metro area - our daughter is a nurse and she has a daughter who will be a Junior in college this year. Our son and daughter-in-law have a 4-year-old boy and a 1-year-old daughter.  We love being grand-parents and traveling as much as we can.  I will not be able to attend the reunion this year since we have a family reunion that same weekend - hope you have fun. Send Jeanette a MessageSend Jeanette a Message
Jim Growcock
Retired Married 5

Got married for the 3rd and final time in 1975,  have 5 children, and 6 grandchildren with another due in November.
Left Omaha in 1982. Went To California and worked for Litton teaching Saudis electronics. Then worked with Perkin Elmer /Etec traveling all over the world installing Electron Beam equipment. Came back to the Midwest in 1993 and settled in Missouri. Had my own Satellite company then closed it in 2003 and retired.

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