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Linda Hon (McEwen)
Supervisor Married 2
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Darrell McGhghy
Security Guard Divorced
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Patsy Andresen (McQuade)
Married 2
I married Mike in 1972 and we were on the move for nearly 35 years.  He was career military (Navy and Coast Guard) and has now retired.  I loved moving to different places, New London, Connecticut, Cape Cod, Mass. and we were living on a lighthouse island off the coast of Maine when our two boys, Damian and Brendan, were born.  After that, we lived in Virginia, Italy, Illinois and then many years in Guam just prior to retirement.  From there, we did a lot of traveling to see the wonders of Australia and Asia.  We fell in love with Bali.  I love the ocean and the tropical weather, despite the typhoons, and we were hoping to stay in Guam, but that didn't work out.  The boys are back in Belleville, Illinois and we are back in Omaha, closer to our families and raising an African Grey parrot.  Send Patsy a MessageSend Patsy a Message
nancy beam (meyer )
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Profile picture
retired Married 3
I married Benson Bunnie 1964 Lynn Meyer and we've been married 38 years. We have 3 kids and 3 granddaughters (one from each kid). I retired in Dec '05 from nursing and Lynn retired June '07 from City Planning (Omaha). We are renovating our 3rd old house-this one is 1928. I've gotten into gardening since the kids left and was on the Garden Walk last year for Benson. We live 3 blocks from Benson-can anybody beat that?????? We LOVE being in Benson area and enjoy walking in Gallagher Park and up to the Benson Library. We LOVE our life!!!!! Hope to see everybody in Sept.
 2012: Update: 5 grandaughters now. Love them SO MUCH! Feeling our age when we go traveling -can't walk as far etc. Would love to know what happened to my friend, Karen Perry.

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Daniel Miller
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April 10, 1949 Senior Security Specialist Married 4

The journey has been a long one since graduation.  I thought I had gone far at the time of our 20th reunion, but life has a way creating new and sometimes strange opportunities. 

I am married to a wonderful lady, Alisha Nelson, from Canyon Texas. I have 4 children - 2 daughters from my first marriage and a stepdaughter and stepson from my current marriage.  All wonderful young adults beginning their own life adventures and journeys. 

I curently live in Kennewick, Washington and work for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a senior security specialist.

After graduation from Benson, I enlisted in the Army and soon found myself in Vietnam.  After two tours and a few scars, I came home and attended Bellevue College.  Working and going to school part-time, I finally graduated in 1977 and soon thereafter I was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I spent the next 18 years on duty in the far east and places in between.   I retired from the Marines in 1995.  My last duty station was in Albuquerque, NM at the Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency.   It was there that my life's journey took an interesting turn.  I started working the in the field of nuclear non-prolieration and nuclear security.  Since then I have traveled to 6 continents and 30 countries.  I have stood in Red Square in Moscow,  and most recently  climbed Machu Picchu in Peru.   My travels have expanded my cultural horizons and have given me a perspective that I thought was never possible.  

I am looking forward to the 45th and  visiting with ol' classmates again.

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Sandra Miller
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May 17, 1949 Michigan State Police Trooper Committed Relationship
In 1972, I moved to Michigan after graduating from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  I initially worked for the Michigan Unemployment Commission and then Social Security.  In 1974, I entered the Michigan State Police Academy and became one of the first female Michigan State Troopers.  I had a wonderful and exciting career, rising to the rank of Post Commander.  Besides patrolling in the Battle Creek and Detroit areas, I also worked in narcotics, auto theft, and surveillance units. 

After my retirement in 1999, I was in charge of the Michigan Department of Transportation's Courtesy Patrol in the metropolitan Detroit area until 2009.  Now, I'm fully retired.

I've traveled extensively, both in the US and other countries.  My favorite place to go is Alaska (One trip there was to extradite a murderer back to Michigan...a good war story for sure.)  

I really enjoy rabbit hunting and fishing with my partner, Ed.  We only golf occasionally because we're much more "successful" at hunting and fishing.  I also enjoy photography and reading...crime novels of course :-)

Lastly, I finally have another dog, Gussie, after 30 years of no pets.  A West Highland Terrier is high maintenance, but a lot of fun!

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Susan Miller
retired Widowed 5
Hello Everyone, How can 45 years gone by so quickly?
 I married my sweetheart Tom ,(Tech) same last name, right after graduation. We had five wondereful children and now have 11 grandchildren and two step grandchildren. Tom passed away from cancer in 2010 compliments of Agent Orange  when he was in Viet Nam. Then our youngest son, Ben, passed away last year. Some days are still rough, but I have plenty of grandchildren to keep me busy. I also have a newfoundland puppy and two kittens to keep me company. I am studying herbs and natural healing. I am still a peace loving liberal  and volunteer with the Democratic Party. We are a minority in Grand Junction. I have lived in Colorado for36 years and still love it. I won't be able to attend this year,but I will be thinking of all of you. Enjoy yourselves.
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Stephanie Homann (Moeller)
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Media specialist--retired Married 2

I'm still married to Larry, who's a physician at K-State in Manhattan, KS where we've been for the last 24 years.  We'll celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss in November.  Our daughter Sarah, a corporate trainer, lives in Omaha with her architectural engineer hubby and their two sons, Jackson (3) and Sam (4 months).  Our son Andrew, who is with the KSU Police Dept., lives here in Manhattan with his wife and daughter, Addison (15 mo.).  The three grandchildren are great joys to us...big surprise! (The photo is from last Christmas and shows Andrew, Larry, me, and Sarah...rare to have a photo of just the 4 of us these days)

I took early retirement from the school system two years ago, but until then I was a media specialist / tech lead and also a classroom teacher for a few of those years.  In retirement I've been enjoying reading, family history research, scrapbooking, AND taking care of our little granddaughter a few days a week.  We still love to travel but now plan all our trips around which grandchild needs us at any given time!  ;-)

I wish we could come to the reunion, but on that weekend my sister is getting married for the first time at the age of 49...gotta be the Matron of Honor!  ;-)   I'd LOVE to hear from old friends so thanks for getting this site up and running!

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John Moore
Consultant Married 2
Married to Judy for almost 36 years, and we have lived in Omaha for all of those 36 years.  Two kids, Jennifer & Kyle; no grand kids yet.
I worked as a teacher then counselor in the Omaha Public Schools for 32 years, and I retired from OPS four years ago.  Not ready to stop working just yet, I work part time with OPS as a consultant on special projects.
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Paul Nelsen
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Profile picture
Physician Married 4

Congratulations and Kudos to the committee that organized and put together this awesome website!

Sorry that I will not be able to attend the reunion. It is right between a trip to Switzerland & Italy to see my daughter, Emily, (Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland) and the wedding of my oldest (Jeff) in Minneapolis.

I have lived in Ripon, Wi longer than anywhere else having moved here in 1980. I am a family physician which includes everything from baby deliveries to nursing home care. As I have aged so too have my patients. This year I will give up the OB practice. I have become certified as a Medical Director and currently serve in that capacity at three facilities.

Children are scattered all over the world..Swizterland; Minneapolis; Perth,Australia; and the youngest now starting college at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO.

My wife, Rosemary, and I enjoy traveling, gardening and reading. We are both involved in our church and community affairs.

Have a great reunion. Hopefully we can catch up at the next event.

Best Wishes from THE BENSON BUNNY!

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