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Robbin Richardson
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April 26, 1949 retired Single 3
45 years...YIKES
Living in Raleigh, NC, feshly retired, recovering and ready for religion…I wake up without a plan and go to bed getting only half of it done…that pretty well sizes up what I’m doing.  I have enjoyed reading about so many…where are the rest of you? Seems like there are a lot of long marriages, faithful followers, numerous chilins’ of all ages ….I’d say the Midwest values are alive and well in our class!
I continue to spend my winters in Puerto Vallarta, MX, running from drugs and keeping the czars at bay. (Gene, I was watching you race) I thought my new career would take off but I can’t sell paintings if I can’t find the time to paint….part of the problem is grandkids (4), kids (3), travel, friends, juicing, vegetating( it’s what we vegetarians do), biking, yoga ing, and staying single all of which is a full time job…Carlos, my Latin lover and personal trainer, keeps me out of mischief...(he's Havanese)
He and I spent several days with Zibby (Miller)and Peter Munson at their gorgeous home on the water in Shelter Island, NY ….Carlos had standoffs with Mac, the Cat, who outweighed him, but not for long as Carlos spent most of his time devouring Macs yummy wet food…Zibby and Peter enjoy each other, love their life…and generously share their humor and good fortune with those lucky to be in their presence.…It’s a shame they can’t come to reunion.
I look forward to catching up with all of you who are coming…I guess I need to make a reservation! Barbie save me a bed!
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Dana Kessler (Richmond)
Travel Agent/Active Trader Married 4
We moved to a golfing community in Wilsonville, OR--20 minutes outside of Portland.  Mike and I have been married for 29 years and have 4 children between us, and one grandchild.

It has been fun remaining in contact with and visiting Libby (Loring) Dufford in Denver and Grace (MacIntosh) Shafner in Washington.  As usual, I look forward to the reunion.  It is the only time I get back to Omaha, and it is so good to see so many old friends again.

A big thanks to Dave Karnes for getting the ball rolling on this.  I'm sure he got a lot of others to help, and please know, that I do appreciate it.

If you need to get flights back to Omaha, take a look at my website (same engine/prices as Travelocity), or give me a call, and I would love to help you.

See you at the reunion!
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James Rickard
Retired Married 2
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Sherry Damewood (Ringle)
retired Married 2
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Katherine Degenhardt (Rocco)
Director of Retail and Visitor Services/Film Commissioner Married 2
After having a 10 year long distant relationship, I now have a long distant marriage with my husband, Bob, of 3 years.  He has his business in Chicago where he works in the film industry. 
I have a daughter who is a labor and delivery nurse and has 2 boys and 1 on the way and a son in commercial real estate who thinks he has finally found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  Both live in Omaha which means I can visit my grandchildren as often as they'll let me.
I think back to my high school years with very fond memories and look forward to seeing everyone . . .
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Linda Rounds (Rounds-Nichols)
retired educator, now clergy Married 2

After Omaha and some other places in Nebraska, I lived in a couple of other states before settling in Gallup, NM 25 years ago. I'm a retired educator, with experiences in teaching, counseling, and administration. I'm now serving as the chaplain for the addictions unit of our hopsital, as one of the night and weekend on-call hospital chaplains, and as the Executive Director of the New Mexico Counseling Associaiton.

I have two "children" and three grandsons. My husband is a teacher who may retire in a few years. Then he can learn that "retirement" is a busy and fun time!

Wish I could make it to the 2007 reunion, but we have another commitment.

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marilyn russo
social work Married 3

I live in Waukegan Il. with husband Russ of 32 years.  We have three sons, 22,25,27 all living in town..none married yet .  I work at Cancer Treatment of America, a community hospital and cancer center as a social worker three days per week.  In my free time I garden, walk, bikeride, etc.  still an outdoor girl.  Russ works as sole mechanic for Wkgn Fire Dept--he plays with red trucks all day.  We have several 70's vehicles in our garages inclluding Mustangs and Duster thanks to him.  Youngest son plays lead guitar in band--following in footsteps of my brother Vince from The Wonders for any of you old rockers.  In general we have a wild and crazy time up here in Chicagoland--but close to the WI line.

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Tom Sadler
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Profile picture
Structural Engineer Married 2

Louise and I have been living in Fort Worth for 29 years now.  We have been married for 34 years and have two children.  Julie, our oldest, who was born in Billings, Montana where I had my own consulting firm for a short time. Julie graduated from A&M with a degree in finance.  She is married to another Aggie and they live in Dallas (no grandchildren yet).  Greg, our son, just graduated from UTA, with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He wants to follow in his father footsteps and be a Structural Engineer.  He is in grad school now and works fulltime with me.  The Sadler Group will mark its 20th aniversary next year.  I have a BS and MS in Civil Engineering form UNL, and I am licensed in 45 states as a Structural Engineer.  Presently, we are working on a project to add 20,000 seats to the Cotton Bowl.  I normally take a hour and a half lunch to work out. I used to play racquetball five times a week but now I run 3 to 4 times a week and only play racquetball twice a week.  While reading the bios, I saw there was a Nascar fan.  In the last 15 years, I have designed the Grandstands and VIP Suites for most of the Nascar Tracks. 

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Harry Salyards
family physician Married 2
I'll be unable to make this reunion, as my wife of 34 years, Phyllis, just had knee replacement surgery. We are still practicing medicine together, in a group of 4 (plus two new part-timers, whom we hope to ease in as our replacements, as we look toward retirement). OB practice remains my favorite-I attended my 1000th delivery in early 2005, and have delivered quite a number of babies to young women whom I delivered, 20+ years ago. I'm more of a walker and perennial gardener (a contagion caught from my wife!), and less of a jogger, as my own hip arthritis will remind me, if I overdo it! Our two children are well-launched in their own lives: Shannon (28) is a classical singer, with her Bachelor's degree from St. Olaf and her Master's in Vocal Performance from Boston University. Scott (25) has his Bachelor's from Knox, and is in the I.T. support field in Chicago. Speaking of Boston: the years Shannon was in grad school there allowed me to rekindle my childhood passion for Major League Baseball. The last five years, I've averaged a half dozen games a year at Fenway Park; and in October 2004, I checked off one of those things on the "short list to do before I die," when Shannon and I were able to attend the second game of the World Series at Fenway (Curt Schilling's second "bloody sock" game). If you chance to see a blue Impala on the highway, with the Nebraska custom plate BOSOX 9, that's me! Go Sawx!! Send Harry a MessageSend Harry a Message
Grace MacIntosh (Shaffner)
Married 3
I have been reading all the entries, and It really was fun seeing what every one has been up to. So I thought I would share too. I've been married for 37 years (wow that is a long time) luckily I really like the guy. We have 3 great kids who are scattered from coast to coast. They have great lives and wonderful families. My youngest doesn't have a family yet, but she's very busy in her career. The best part about getting older is being a grandparent. It's heaven. I have two beautiful granddaughters and a little boy on the way. A few years ago George and I decided to leave the horrid traffic of Seattle and moved north to Bellingham WA. 40 miles from Canada. It is beautiful here. My Mom (for those of you who remember her) lives with us (half the time with my sister) She just turned 92. For the most part I've been a homemaker all of these years, and enjoyed every minuite of it. I love to travel when I can. Not being employed makes it so much easier. George is an author and consultant, so he gets to travel too. Thanks to everyone who showed up to his readings. It was nice for him to see all those friendly faces. I had a great time in High School, and I can't wait to see you all. Send Grace a MessageSend Grace a Message
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